July 7th, 2017 | Miller Advisors

The concept of a team

The word “team” is most commonly associated with the world of sports yet more and more this concept has evolved beyond just the playing fields.  If we were to define what makes a team we might start with the following:

A team is a group of people with a full set of complementary skills who work together towards the completion of a common goal and shared rewards.  I bet if we all take some time and think we can all recall good teams we’ve been a part of and bad teams we’ve been a part of.  When you think back on your experiences what made one team good and one team bad?

I’ve been a part of many teams in my life, both athletically and professionally and I can say for certain the traits that all of the good teams shared were directly tied to our above definition of a team.  The good teams tended to be comprised of talented people who were willing to let go of their individual goals and egos in order to accomplish the greater goal, team success, and when the team was successful the individual on the team tended to be successful as well.

On the other hand, the teams that struggled lacked a clear definition of what determined team success.  Too many times talented individuals let their own pride or agendas get in the way of team success and the greater good was never accomplished and when this occurs neither team goals nor individual goals are accomplished.

The team concept is very much ingrained in the way Miller Advisors works with its clients.  Each team member at Miller Advisors has a unique skill set which allows us to work collaboratively with each other to achieve our ultimate team goal, our client’s success.

When you have a chance take a look at the Miller Advisors Team on our website and learn a little bit more about us.  We all come from different backgrounds and have different career/life experiences but we are all committed to one common goal, our client’s success, which makes us a successful team.