Jane Castro

Office Manager


Life changes required me to re-enter the workforce after a 25-year absence in which I raised three fabulous children. I’ve been learning how to manage my own resources to maximize my ability to live my life as I want. Partly as a result of my own experience, I am a huge proponent of people getting organized and understanding how they are using their resources. Everyone has had different life experiences that need to be considered when looking at their financial situation. This is not a one-size-fits-all business.

What drives me

Watching clients transition from financial neophyte to master of their own destiny. Miller’s step-by-step approach helps clients feel less overwhelmed by their financial status and instead be hopeful for their future. It is rewarding to see people take control of their lives emotionally as well as financially.

Best financial advice ever received

Save, save, save. Always look ahead. Unexpected things happen in life all the time. But if you are always looking forward you can often avoid major pitfalls.

Personality in three words

Detailed, logical, trustworthy

If I weren’t doing this I’d be…

My children are spread all over the country pursuing their dreams. So if I could, I would spend my time visiting them and enjoying watching them find their own place in the world.


I love to cook, so I am always trying new recipes out on family and friends. I am also a big football fan so most Sundays in the fall I can be found watching games. Go Hawks!

Why Miller Advisors

Each member of the team brings a different set of talents. But the one unifying aspect is the desire to do the very best for our clients. Whether that is staying late to get something notarized or taking extra time to investigate investment options to find just the right one, this team does whatever it takes to ensure our clients are receiving the very best effort on a daily basis. How can you not be inspired by that?


I wear many hats at Miller Advisors. I facilitate the firm’s conversion to a paperless environment, no small feat given the longevity of many of Miller Advisor’s clients. I also assist with compliance testing and reporting, and work with clients going through divorce to produce reports they can use through the asset allocation portion of their dissolution. My background includes retail financial analysis.