Our Services


When you work with Miller Advisors, you have access to professionals managing the many dimensions in which your life intersects with your finances. Having a single, coordinated point of access to services (including coordination with related professionals) gives you the peace of mind to pursue your passions. And with your personalized financial roadmap, you’ll stay on track and course-correct as necessary. So go ahead. Live your life. We’ll help make sure your finances support your goals.

Financial Planning

  • Goals identification, prioritization and monitoring
  • Consultation on life changes that affect your assets
  • Current and long-term cash flow management
  • Severance package analysis and review
  • Retirement planning
  • Education funding analysis for children and grandchildren
  • Plan for charitable giving
  • Pre-nuptial and cohabitation agreement consulting
  • Estate planning legal, tax and insurance advisors coordination

Investment Management

  • Investment policy statement preparation
  • Asset allocation strategy and diversification
  • Regular rebalancing of personal and retirement assets
  • Portfolio diversification avoiding risk
  • Selection and oversight of money managers
  • Quarterly reports and annual in-person reviews
  • Seek attractive returns while minimizing risk and volatility
  • Minimize fees, transaction costs and taxes
  • Portfolio evaluation and second opinion

Family Business Planning

  • Retirement plan selection
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Employee benefits selection
  • Business structure analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Legal, tax and insurance advisors coordination

Retirement Strategies

  • Budgeting and cash flow analysis
  • Financial organization
  • Portfolio review and consolidation
  • Income building and withdrawal strategies
  • Social Security strategies
  • Retirement savings plan

Legacy Planning

  • Wealth transfer strategies
  • Estate planning – plan creation, review, and probate management
  • Review of beneficiaries
  • Insurance review and analysis

Elder Care

  • Long-term care insurance selection
  • Assessing housing options
  • Home safety assessment checklist
  • Financial implications of aging
  • Organization of records and roles

Divorce Planning

  • Lifestyle, budgeting and cash flow analysis – pre and post divorce
  • Financial organization of assets and liabilities
  • Expert testimony at trial or mediation
  • Post-divorce financial planning checklist
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