August 3rd, 2021 | Miller Advisors

Rules to live by for every woman…


RULE 1           Be a partner in the financial decision making.

RULE 2           Create a “Don’t Ask” Fund for discretionary expenses for personal items.

RULE 3           Have one credit card in your own name.

RULE 4           Know how all of your accounts are registered.

RULE 5           Trust but verify!

RULE 6           Create a strategy to protect your assets and income in the event of death, disability, a layoff, remarriage, or divorce.

RULE 7           Force yourself to take risks with your money.

RULE 8           Consider the financial implications of career moves.

RULE 9           Create written short and long term goals annually.

RULE 10         Beware of the knight in shining armor or fairy godmother syndrome.

By Kathleen Miller
Author of “Fair Share Divorce for Women”
Photo: iStock