April 14th, 2017 | Kelli Young

How old is old?

I was recently reminded of a study done years ago to determine how old we think is old?  There have been several similar studies, but the results the same: most people 30 or younger think 50 is old, those 50+ think of ourselves as 10-20 years younger than our actual age.  This is good as long as your head isn’t in the sand, holding us back from preparedness.

Regardless of how old we really are, we should always be thinking ahead to what life could bring next.  As a comprehensive financial planner, I am not looking for possible negatives in my clients lives, but instead planning for what-ifs so they can live as independent, for as long as possible.  This means being open to new thoughts and ideas.

You will be hearing a lot about an upcoming event on May 23rd, “5 Ways Technology Will Change How You Age.”  The more we embrace technology, the greater the chance to live independently – wherever that place is for you.

Although technology will never take the place of human interaction and touch, getting reminders about medications and appointments, early detection for falls, patterns of movement and eating are all ways current technology can advise us or those that help us.  Who knows what the creative minds in think tanks will come up with next?…self-driving cars?…devices that know our voice and can respond to our questions/needs?  Oh yes, those already exist!

I can’t wait to see what else is coming down the pipe to help me, and you our clients, age well.