July 26th, 2017 | Kelli Young

Half right or full right?

I recently returned from a vacation driving around Spain and Portugal with my family (husband and two sons, ages 18/20). Now, before I go onto the purpose of this story, any of you laughing right now must have also endured this kind of expedition and share my emotions that took place over 17 days.

My family spent hours and hours together in the car, glued to the navigation system, often times lost within blocks of our destination.  Each of us had our own ideas of which roads to take, leading to “discussions upon discussions”… or disagreements upon disagreements.  Who knew that roundabouts could have 6 different exits?  Do we take a right or a half right?  Even though the voice coming through our navigation system was a polite woman with a British accent who was there to help us, we all found ourselves questioning her on many occasions.

Well, our family always found our way, even though we made endless wrong turns, and spent many more hours in the car together than we had planned.  The interesting observation of myself during this chaos, was that I found myself in a familiar place and at peace (well most of time at peace).  As a financial planner, my clients may take multiple ways to get to their finish line successfully.  There may be wrong turns or extended timelines but with their financial planner as their navigator, they will be redirected where needed, in a polite supportive manner (sorry, no British accents here). Most importantly this increases their chances of achievement at a much higher rate than those that don’t- this, I have cheerfully witnessed on many occasions!

Our trip was an incredible journey, with many life lessons; most important the reminders that teamwork always prevails and patience is a virtue that few have mastered, but will keep working on!