March 18th, 2020 | Miller Advisors

Coronavirus updates: actions we are taking

We wanted to reach out to you today and assure you that we are
continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. Our clients
are at the center of all we do. We are doing everything we can to
ensure we provide ongoing support to you with respect to your
financial needs.

We continue to take steps based on the most recent
recommendations from relevant authorities aimed at protecting
both you and our team. We know you depend on us every day to help
steward your money, and that we must be there to help during
unpredictable times. To make sure this happens we have taken the
following steps:

  • Our office is and will continue to stay open and our team is
    currently on site in the office.
  • Although we miss seeing you at our office, we are changing all
    in-person appointments to telephone and Zoom meetings
    (audio conferencing service).
  • We have procedures in place to give our team the ability to work
    remotely if that becomes necessary.

Please continue to call our office 425-822-8122 or email at least two of us with any questions, cash needs, etc:

Kathleen Miller –
Nicole Miller –
David Simpson –
Jane Castro –
Sharon Littell –
Carrie Beede –

We know that the current situation is unnerving and with all of the
information in the news, it can be overwhelming. The U.S. went into
this crisis with a strong economy which could be more resilient than
other economies. Due to these unprecedented governmental
interventions, the markets could rebound strongly if the virus is
under control more quickly than anticipated and the economic
impact with the closures is less than expected. On the other hand,
the markets very well could go lower since we do not know how long
the economy will be put on hold. We are being prudent.

Although we manage accounts for relatively lower volatility, we
never know where the bottom of a market correction is until we look
backwards. Our experience is that diversified portfolios tend to be
resilient and generally recover in time. You have a plan and we are
working your plan!

Thank you for your ongoing trust and confidence,
Kathleen, Nicole, David, Jane, Sharon, and Carrie